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Floor Barre

This class combines ballet with anatomical of alignment and muscle sense. By lying on the floor, without the pressure of gravity, Floor Barre strengthens and properly corrects the placement of the pelvis, hips and back and helps release tension throughout the body. This class is gentle, yet effective, low impact, and appropriate for dancers and non-dancers, women and men.

Core Power

Looking for results? Core power blends the intelligence of Pilates, with the intensity of power and strength intervals, for an unbeatable muscle building, fat torching workout!

Core Circuit

Core Circuit is an intense hour of hard core body weight work, stability work, pull-ups, box jumps, and everything in between…..all with the expert guidance of your instructor to push you to your limits while maintaining proper form and movement!
Personal Training Packages
All Core Fitness & Nutrition personal training packages begin with comprehensive testing to determine your body composition, weight, and measurements. This information enables me to design your personalized fitness and nutrition program, and track your progress along the way. All packages include detailed nutrition guidelines and daily meal planning. Each personal training session is one hour long and will be tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Core Fitness & Nutrition offers:

​• 5-session packages • 10-session packages

• 20-session packages • Nutrition consultations


Is a method of exercise that focuses on the “core” muscles of the body, and promotes total body strength from the inside out. The Pilates method teaches mindfulness, and the use of breath in movement. Practicing Pilates strengthens, lengthens, and tones the entire body. With regular practice, your posture, movement, and athletic performance are dramatically transformed!  
Interested in learning how Sarah can help you achieve your personal fitness goals? 

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The Programs

The Ride

The Ride at Core Fitness is a calorie torching, total body strengthening, intensely fun and unique cardio workout!

You will not find cycling classes like this ANYWHERE! Come and sweat with us! 

Personal Training

Transform your body, Transform your life! Core Fitness & Nutrition is a private personal training studio that offers a comfortable environment — a place where clients can focus on their own workouts without distraction. Sarah’s training methods are designed to help each client achieve his or her own fitness and wellness goals as quickly and efficiently as possible — all in a safe and positive environment. 
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